Merely human

photo: Elif Karacok

I gave in to your plea,
And replaced you with verse.
I am chanting sonnets on life-gone, and hope-not,
I am befriending maxims that could soften the pain,
I am reciting all shocks,
I rehearse acid rain.
to a poet,
I can’t give you away. I just can’t.
To the poetry, I can.
To a poet,
I can’t.

I gave you the keys
To a bright set of days,
Short of lies and pretence and entire of free ways.
I exchanged your sweet touch with new books on the shelf,
For your mornings alone, born again to yourself.
I became the worst traitor to heart and to soul,
For your freedom concrete, undisturbed, new and whole.
to a free spirit,
I can’t give you away, I just can’t.
To your freedom, I can.
To a free spirit,
I can’t.

I gave you the codes
to true colors and scents,
I came up with new senses,
Made for you and enhanced.
I was nailed to my faith, did the deed and then, left.
Now you have your own means,
you don’t need my palette.
I gave you up to creation I surrendered to art
to an artist,
I can’t give you up. I just can’t.
To creation, I can.
To an artist,
I can’t.

I gave in to your will
And erased all my needs,
I escorted out hope and I much love you still,
Turned my half to a whole, far from you, with your thought,
From respect to your truth, what is ‘You’, mine or not.
Passed you on to the world, all the seas, all of land.
to a face,
I can’t pass you on. I just can’t.
To the round world I can.
To her round face, I can’t.

με όλο το θάρρος